Get Ready to Enrol

Now that you have decided which course you would like to study at HIVE, you need to complete an application form.

Before you start your enrolment, make sure you have your USI number and documentation to complete the form.

How to Enrol

Click on ‘Apply Now’ on your chosen course page. Complete the form and submit.

You will receive a confirmation email with a pdf attachment of your enrolment form. One of HIVE’s Enrolment Officers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

During your phone consultation, our Enrolment Officer will discuss your application and will conduct a pre-training review (PTR), as well as be available to answer any questions you may have.

This PTR is used to determine your competency levels and assist us with tailoring your training plan. The review also helps to identify skills recognition and credit transfers when applying for a vocational education course.

Upon completion of your PTR, you will receive an email from your Enrolment Officer outlining any further requirements and important information pertaining to your enrolment with HIVE.

You may be required to complete a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Assessment. If this is the case, you will receive an email which will contain a link to the assessment.

This LLN Assessment will take you approximately 45 – 60 minutes to complete. Set aside the time to complete the assessment in one sitting, with no distractions, and complete it in a quiet environment.

Once we receive the successful completion of your LLN, you will receive, via ‘DocuSign’ any documents that require your acknowledgment and signature.

Upon completing all of the above steps, your enrolment will progress to our Learner Services department, who will finalise your enrolment and send you your login credentials and training plan.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

All learners wishing to enrol in any qualification within Australia are required to register for and obtain a Unique Student Identifier number (USI). If you do not currently hold a USI, you will be required to create one via this link before continuing any further with your Enrolment Form; this registration process should take no longer than 5 minutes. USI Creation Link Click Here

Once you have created your USI, you will then be able to continue the enrolment process and enter your USI where requested in the form. Please ensure that you add HIVE – Hampton Institute of Vocational Education (RTO #22341) as an organization to your USI profile via the 'Provide my USI’ link so that we can review and issue your transcript.


To complete your enrolment, we require the following original or certified copy of one of the below identification documents to demonstrate Australian Permanent Residency:

  • Australian Birth Certificate (not Birth Extract)
  • Current Australian Passport
  • Current New Zealand Passport
  • Current Green Medicare Card
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship by descent extract
  • Formal Confirmation of Permanent Residence granted by the Department of Home Affairs (or its successor) and the learners' foreign passport and ImmiCard.
  • A proxy declaration for individuals in exceptional circumstances as per Clauses 2.16-2.20 of these Guidelines
  • A Referral to Government Subsidised Training Asylum Seekers form from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre or the Australian Red Cross

Current and Valid Concession Card where applicable, one or more of the following current and valid concession cards:

  • Healthcare Card
  • Pensioner’s Card

Credit Transfer Documentation

  • A transcript, or
  • A formal Statement of Attainment (SOA)

Your transcript of Statement of Attainment must be issued by:

  • A Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • The Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), or
  • Another authorised issuing organisation

VET Learners & Proof of Age (if under 20 years of age at 1st January the year you enrol)

The original document or certified copy of one of the below documents to demonstrate your age:

If the learners' age is relevant to their eligibility, and the document produced from the list above does not include a date of birth (or if the date of birth cannot be verified through the use of DVS), the following pieces can be used for confirming identification:

  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Current Learner Permit
  • Proof of Age Card
  • Keypass Card

Additional requirements for learners under 18 years of age

Your parent or guardian will need to complete a Student Privacy Notice. We will advise you when this is required and provide you with a copy of the notice to complete.

In the event of choosing a payment plan, your parent or guardian will need to complete and sign this document.


To guarantee your course place, you must make payment of your course fee by:

  • Upfront payment (non-government-funded)
  • Government Funded
  • Payment Plan

HIVE accepts credit card payments, and arrangements can be made for a monthly direct debit.

Fee-Paying Enrolments: All Australian residents are eligible to enrol

Government Funded Enrolments: To be eligible for a higher Education & Skills

Skills-First Government Funded training place, you MUST be a permanent Victoria Resident, you MUST NOT currently hold an Australian qualification equal to or higher than the qualification you wish to receive funding for, in any field of study, and you MUST have first completed a HIVE Pre-Enrolment Questionnaire Form and have been found eligible for a Government Funded place by HIVE.